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6 pm to 10 pm

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Homemade chicken broth
with pancake stripes or cheese dumpling
A,C,G,L € 5,90
Onion soup made with Almdudler
with cheese croutons
A,C,G,L,O € 5,90
with grissini
O,G,L € 6,50
Warm pesto parmesan baguette A,G,H,L,C € 7,50
Variation of smoked fish
with a dill mustard sauce, hash browns and salad bouquet
D,G,L,H,O € 15,90
Beef carpaccio
with balsamico shalotts, parmesan and rucola
O,L,G € 12,90


Steak of beef tenderloin
(230 gram)
served with homemade herb butter or pepper sauce, green beans and rosemary potatoes
G,L € 33,50
Cesar salad
Parmesan dressing, cherry tomatoes, pesto parmesan baguette and 3 grilled scampis U 5
G,L,O,M,C,A,B € 28,90
Escalope of veal
with roast potatoes and small mixed salad
A,G,C,L € 20,90
Bellevue alp pan
Beef Fillet, Pork fillet with creamed mushrooms, homemade spaetzle and small mixed salad
A,C,G,L,O € 21,50
Spare Ribs
with baked potato filled with sour cream and small mixed salad
A,G,L,M,O € 19,90
On the whole, roasted sea char
with almond butter, alp vegetables and dill potatoes
D,H,G,H € 19,90
Homemade cheese spaetzle
with roasted onions and small mixed salad
A,C,G,L,O € 15,90



1 days pre-order

carved at the table, with mixed vegetables, roast potatoes, steak frites, Sauce bernaise and mixed salad
A,C,G,L,M,O € 33,60 p.p.
Bellevue Alm Had
with scampi U 5, beef fillet, turkey breast and pork fillet, 4 different dips, mushrooms, zucchini, vegetable strips, boullion, pesto parmesan baguette, steak frites, small mixed salad and baked potatoes with sourcream
B,A,C,G,L,M,O € 39,90 p.p.



from 2 persons

Meat Fondue
Mixed plate with beef, turkey and pork, served with 3 different sauces, homemade pesto parmesan baguette, alp steak fries and small mixed salad

Children from 6 to 14 years: € 15,90 p.c.

Meat fondue with Consommé: € 4,00 p.p. Aufpreis

Dear guests, We would like to inform you, that we serve 300 g meat per person. If you are still hungry afterwards, we will gladly serve you more.
Extra Portion: € 18,00 p.p.
300g fillet of beef extra: € 35,00
O,G,L,M,H,A,C € 33,90 p.p.
Cheese fondue
Bread cubes, champignons, pickles and salad from the buffet

Children from 6 to 14 years: € 13,00 p.c.
O,L,G,C,A € 25,50 p.p.



200 g Wagyu beef Almburger Special
with special Burger bread from our village bakery, homemade truffle remoulade, juicy bacon, old cheddar cheese, tomato slices, red onion rings and salad. Served with black truffle fries

Wagyu bulls (of the Tajima variety) on a farm in northern Hyogo Prefecture. High grade sliced Matsusaka wagyu beef (rib section meat) Because of Japan's rugged terrain and isolated areas, different breeding and feeding techniques were used such as massaging or adding beer or sake to their feeding regimen. It is suggested that the feeding of beer and sake was done to aid in digestion and induce hunger during humid seasons, and that massaging prevented muscle cramping on small farms in Japan where the animals did not have sufficient room to use their muscles.[citation needed] Neither of these techniques affect the meat's flavor, and they have both been discontinued. Wagyu cattle's genetic predisposition yields a beef that contains a higher percentage of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids than typical beef. The increased marbling also increases the ratio of monounsaturated fats to saturated fats.
A,C,G,O,L € 24,50



Bellevue Alm Chocolate Dream
chocolate souffle, 1 scoop of vanilla ice cream with wild berries ragout, almonds and whipped cream
G,O,H,A € 8,50
Amarena berry yoghurt mug by Bruno Gelato
with yoghurt berry ice cream, amarena ice cream, amarena cherries and whipped cream
C,G,O,A € 8,90
Kaiserschmarrn (flambéed with rum)
with plum roaster
C,G,O,A € 8,90
Strudel of the day
with vanilla sauce and whipped cream
A,C,G,O € 6,90
1 scoop of ice cream
vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, amarena, cookies, hazelnut, blueberry, yoghurt berry
€ 2,50
 Variation of cheese a la Bellevue Alm with chutneys, grapes and nuts  G,L,O,M,A,C € 12,50

A (cereals), B (crustaceans), C (eggs) D (fish), E (peanuts), F (soybeans), G (milk), H (nuts) L (celery), M (mustard), N (sesame seeds), O (sulphits), P(lupins), R (molluscs)

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Chalet Bellevue Alm
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